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Study: Direct marketing and brand recall

Canada Post has released the results of a study on brand recall and direct marketing. According to the results, physical media such as direct mail requires 21% less effort to understand and creates 70% higher brand recall when compared to digital media. In addition, according to the survey, direct mail generates a "motivation score" 20% higher than digital media and is therefore more persuasive. The study also found that direct mail pieces that include an additional sensory element such as scent or sound had a 30% higher "motivation score" than digital media.

The study, conducted by True Impact Marketing of Vaughan, ON, involved 270 consumers participating in brain imaging and eye-tracking while being exposed to two mock campaigns, followed by memory tests.

"In a data-driven world, this study reminds marketers that consumers are, ultimately, humans and their emotions are a driver in their path to purchase," said Diana Lucaci, CEO of True Impact Marketing. "The effectiveness of tangible pieces on the brain is undeniable and understanding when and how to blend physical and digital throughout marketing can work to create the best customer experience."

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